Blaise and his Pepere

Pépère has arrived in Tactic and is now almost fully rested from his 6 weeks of hard work, building a school in Belize. Blaise is about 8 months older than he was when he first met his Pépère. The spend some good quality time together - walking, reading, eating. Pépère offered to slaughter a goat with him, but Blaise politely declined.

I'm enjoying having Papa here - lots of good discussions. He's checking his email right now at my office, as I blog. We plan on climbing one of the mountains behind my house just to look upon the other side of the valley where they speak Keqchí, on this side, they speak Poqomchí. We'll also hit the gorgeous park at Rey Marcos, about 45 minutes away and enjoy the little waterfalls and the world renown caves too.

In a perfect world, a place I spend a lot of time in (in my head), family would live together, at least on the same farm or land. Blaise would go fishing and canoeing with his Pépère, get kissed all the time by his grandmas, and spoiled by his many aunties. Oh for that day.

My First Feature

3 things are lacking now.

Audio Mixing: engineered by Zaak Robichaud, Canadian in Guatemala.
Soundtrack: currently being composed, recorded and compressed by Justin Jeffery, Canadian in Michigan.
Subtitling: French translation of the transcript by Kevin Bourque, Canadian in Montreal.

So far, it has been previewed by myself, Amber, Saison, and my Papa. Positive comments all around.

Looking forward to submitting it to the Montreal International Film Festival and the Edmonton Film Festival for competition in the Documentary category.

Flies and Frogs

Houseflies now populate our house. I am not prepared to make concessions on their attempt to squat in my house. Therefore, we have turned to the power of the Fliegenfänger.

Frogs (or perhaps they are toads - I never audited speciation or zoology in Univ.) now populate our yard. I kind of like them. They are quite dextrous (unless a car drives over them) and I have to watch my step if I get in later in the evening.


Revoking Independence

Sirdar Inc. posted a copy of John Cleese's Letter to the United States. I remember reading it a few years ago. Brilliant. You can read it on Sirdar's site or here.